FC Tokyo Season Preview 2019


FC Tokyo are the perennial under-achievers, at least compared to the expectations pundits and experts across Japanese websites/magazines have to them.  This year as well they are being rated as a ACL-contender by most pundits, and some even have them as a candidate for the title.  In the past 6 seasons they’ve only finished in the top 4 once, and most years they’ve been miles behind the top teams

With basically no major signings being made I don’t see why this year should suddenly be any different. They got good players here and there but compared to some of the other teams it’s clearly not enough.  Their midfield is the weakest part in my eyes, and I can’t really see that the likes of Takahagi and Hashimoto will be able to dominate against any of the teams from the upper half of the table

Their defence however, is usually quite good and last year only Kawasaki conceded less goals than them. Morishige is the natural leader back there, and they also got a good GK in Hayashi. Up front Diego Oliveira is their main man. His goalscoring record the last 3 seasons is 11, 5 and 13 goals (or 28 goals in 74 matches), which is not too bad but they will need even more goals from him this season if they intend to make a serious run for a top 3 finish.

 Their manager  Kenta Hasegawa have had success before though with Gamba, and is considered as one of the better Japanese managers but I don’t think there is enough quality in this team to challenge the top teams.  Their defensive strength should make sure they still end up on the upper half though.

Last 6 seasons:
(Predicted:9th – 12th)       6.
2017: (Predicted: 5th – 9th)         13.
2016: (Predicted: 4th – 6th)         9.
2015: (Predicted: 9th – 12th)       4.
2014: (Predicted: 8th – 13th)       9.
2013: (Predicted: 13th – 15th)     8. 

Average Goals:
2018: 2.15 (39-34) 
Home: 2.12 / Away: 2.18
2017: 2.32 (37-42) 
Home: 2.06 / Away: 2.59
2016: 2.29 (39-39) 
Home: 2.23 / Away: 2.35
2015: 2.29 (45-33) 
Home: 2.47 / Away: 2.11
2014: 2.35 (47-33) 
Home: 3.06 / Away: 1.65
2013: 3.18 (61-47) 
Home: 3.00 / Away: 3.35

Transfers In:
GK Kodama (S/R)
DF Watanabe (S/R)
MF Yu (S/R)
AM Arthur (S/R)
AM Na (S/R)
FW Kubo (S/R)
FW Tagawa (S/R)
FW Suksum (S/R)

Transfers Out:
GK Okubo (S/R)
MF Yonemoto (R)
MF Tanabe (S/R)
FW Lins (S/R)
FW Maeda (S/R)
FW Togashi (S/R)

Starting Lineup:
Muroya – Morishige (I) – Jang Hyun-Soo – Ota
Higashi(I) – Hashimoto – Takahagi – Omori
Diego Oliveira(I)  – Nagai

Points Breakdown:

Overall:  21/30p

Prediction:  6th – 10th place

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