Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo Season Preview 2019


Consadole had a fantastic season last year, and finished on a best ever 4th place. They just missed out on top 3 and ACL by a point, which would have been a great reward for their impressive season.
Mihailo Petrovic really managed to get this team to play the way he wanted, and as a result Consadole were one of the most tactical astute and at the same time most entertaining teams in the league last year.

If they can follow up on last year’s 4th remains to be seen, but they kept most of their core players from then so they should still be able to field a decent squad.  There’s been some changes up front though, with the influential target FW Tokura having left for Cerezo and playmaker Miyoshi’s loan having come to an end. But they brought in some decent names in return, and I expect great things from winger/playmaker Lucas Fernandes who have looked brilliant in some of the training matches.  Anderson Lopes also adds depth to their attack, while last year’s revelation at V-Varen Nagasaki Musashi Suzuki is expected to be rotating as the starting FW together with Jay Bothroyd.   

Further back on the field there hasn’t really been any changes of sorts, which actually is a bit surprising. Because if it’s one thing they need to improve on it’s their defensive record, as among the teams on the upper half of the table they conceded the most goals (together with Shimizu). Still, I expect them to be a competitive side this year too and can very well see them once again end up on the upper half of the table. I would be surprised if they find themselves involved in the race for a top 3 finish again though.

Performance Past Seasons:

2018:  (Predicted: 11th – 14th)   4.
2017:  (Predicted: 9th – 14th)     11.
2016:  (Predicted: 5th – 11th)     1. (J2)
2015:  (Predicted: 2nd – 5th)       10. (J2)
2014:  (Predicted: (4th – 7th )     10. (J2)
2013:  (Predicted: 7th – 12th)     8. (J2)

Average Goals Past Seasons:
2018: 2.82 (48-48)  
Home: 2.71 / Away: 2.94
2017: 2.53 (39-47) 
Home: 2.47 / Away: 2.59
2016: 2.33 (65-33) 
Home: 2.95 / Away: 1.71 (J2)
2015: 2.14 (47-43) 
Home: 2.43 / Away: 1.86 (J2)
2014: 2.24 (48-44) 
Home: 2.24 / Away: 2.14 (J2)
2013: 2.60 (60-49) 
Home: 2.38 / Away: 2.81 (J2)

Transfers In:
MF Nakano (S/R)
MF Nakahara (S/R)
AM Lucas Fernandes (I)
FW Suzuki (R)
FW Anderson Lopes (R)

Transfers Out:
DF Kawai (S/R)
DF Kikuchi (S/R)
DF Tanaka (S/R)
MF Inamoto (S/R)
MF Hyodo (S/R)
AM Miyoshi (R/I)
FW Tokura (I)
FW Miyayoshi (S/R)
FW Uchimura (S/R)

Starting Lineup:
Shindo – Miyazawa(I) – Fukumori
Komai – Fukai – Arano – Suga
Chanathip(K) – Lukas

Points Breakdown:

Overall:  20,5/30p

Prediction:   7th – 10th place


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