J.League 1 R17 – Kashima vs Reysol Preview

Kashima Antlers – Kashiwa Reysol:

The squad Kashima fielded vs Iwata last round is one of the weakest lineups I have ever seen from that side, and they will field more or less the same team here.  Key-players like Shoji and Kanazaki are left out of the lineup, while Ueda and Pedro Junior have been sold so the current crop of players available are not up the usual standard in my eyes.  They got some interesting players coming up through the ranks, but they will probably need a couple of years to re-build before they can be considered competitive again.

So with that in mind, I don’t see why they should be considered such a big favorite here, and I got some decent value on Reysol (like I did with Iwata last round, although that ended up a draw) and will go against Kashima this round as well.

Expected Starting Lineup Kashima:
1Kwoun Sun-Tae
22Nishi– 39Inukai – 28Machida* – 32Anzai
13Nakamura – 20Misao  6Nagaki– 30Abe
8Doi* – 9Suzuki

DF Oda (S/R)
MF Endo (R)
AM Leandro (R/I)

DF Shoji (I)
FW Kanazaki (I/K)

Team Strength:


Reysol Expected Starting Lineup:
13Koike – 2Kamata –   22Park – 39Kamekawa
8Koizumi – 15Kim – 17Tetsuka
14Ito (K) –10Esaka – 9Cristiano (I)

GK Nakamura (I)
DF Imai (S/R)

Team Strength:


Prediction: 1-1 or 1-2

Reysol +0,25 @ 1,93 (20 units)
Reysol 1×2 @3,26 (10 units)

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