J.League 1 Season Preview 2018 – Vegalta Sendai


Vegalta have now two 12th-place finishes in a row despite being tipped to be a favorite for relegation on both occasions.  Talent-wise, their team have never really looked that great, and that is the case this season as well. They haven’t made too many changes, but got a couple of new defenders in Itakura and Kim, who will both see plenty of playing-time. Shoji adds depth to their central midfield, and up front Abe will replace the departed Crislan.

There is no real goal-scorer in this team I think, and I think they will have a hard time finding the goals. Defensively they still look quite weak, but they are a team that is always tough to meet due to their aggressive play-style.   Expect them to cause a few upsets here and there, but overall they look like a clear candidate for relegation this year as well.

Last season:

12th place

Predicted finish: 15th – 18th place

Transfers In:

DF Kim (R)
DF Itakura (R)
MF Shoji (R)
FW Abe (R)

Transfers Out:

DF Masushima (R)
MF Mita (R)
MF Fujimura (S/R)
MF Nozawa (S/R)
MF Sasaki (S/R)
FW Crislan (R/I)
FW Hirayama (S/R)

(K = Key player,  I = Important Player, R = Regular Starter, S = Squad Player, K/I = Key/Important etc)

Starting Lineup:

  • 3-4-2-1:
  • Schmidt
  • Hiraoka – Oiwa (I) – Itakura
  • Kobayashi – Tomita(I) – Shoji – Nakano
  • Abe – Notsuda
  • Ishihara

Points Breakdown:


Overall: 16/30p

Prediction:  15th – 18th


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