J.League 1 Season Preview 2018 – Shonan Bellmare


Shonan was fantastic last season in J2, but will meet opponents of much tougher quality this year.  They have made some exciting new signings, especially up front where the likes of Stevanovic and Lee could become great attractions.  If they can get Umesaki back to the level from hos glory days as well they got a potential star there. In defence Ono has been brought in from Albirex to add depth so all in all they should be happy with their pre-season signings.

I still think it could be a tough season for them though as the competition in J1 is of a completely different level than in J2, and there are no obvious weak teams this year except Nagasaki.  So it will most likely be a fight for survival for Shonan this season.

1st place (J2)

Predicted finish: 1st – 4th place

Transfers In:

DF Ono (R)
MF Arai (S/R)
MF Kobayashi (S/R)
AM Mikic (S/R)
AM Umesaki (R/I)
FW Stevanovic (R)
FW Lee Jung Hyub (R)

Transfers Out:

GK Velaphi (S/R)
DF Tsuboi (S/R)
MF Shimoda (S/R)
MF Yamada (R/I)
FW Dinei (R)
FW Mrda (S/R)
FW Fujita (S/R)

(K = Key player,  I = Important Player, R = Regular Starter, S = Squad Player, K/I = Key/Important etc)

Starting Lineup:

  • 3-4-2-1:
  • Akimoto
  • Okamoto – Andre Bahia (I) – Ono
  • Fujita – S.Kikuchi(I) – Akino- Takayama(I)
  • Umesaki – Stevanovic
  • Lee

Points Breakdown:


Overall:  18/30p

Prediction:   13th – 17th  


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