J.League 1 Season Preview 2018 – Kashiwa Reysol


Kashiwa Reysol finished in 4th place last year, which due to Cerezo winning the Emperor’s Cup meant they also qualified for this year’s ACL.  They have usually taken the ACL quite seriously, but are off to a poor start having failed to win any of their 2 matches so far. They have made a couple of changes to their team, and the most notable departure is AM Taketomi, who with his flair and unpredictability was quite important for them last year.  Centre FW Oliveira is also gone, but he actually only managed 5 goals last season so might not be the biggest loss in the end.

Among the players brought in, Esaka looks the most exciting one, and he will will the gap left behind by Taketomi. He’s more a playmaker-style of player and should excel in this team with so many talented players surrounding him.  Segawa is also brought in from Omiya, but he will most likely be coming off the bench most of the time. In defence, Kamekawa will be a direct replacement to Wako, while Koizumi add depths to their midfield. I think we’ll see a good season for Reysol this year as well, and they could definitely be a team that can challenge for the title, or at least ACL.  Taking part in 2 competitions might take its toll though.

Last season:

4th place

Predicted finish: 3rd – 6th place

Transfers In:

DF Kamekawa (R)
DF Park (S/R)
MF Koizumi (R)
AM Esaka (R/I)
FW Segawa (S/R)
FW Yamazaki (S/R)

Transfers Out:

DF Wako (R)
MF Kobayashi (S/R)
AM Taketomi (R/I)
AM Otsu (S/R)
FW Diego Oliveira (R)

(K = Key player,  I = Important Player, R = Regular Starter, S = Squad Player, K/I = Key/Important etc)

Expected Starting Lineup 2017:

  • 4-2-1-3:
  • Nakamura (I)
  • Koike – Nakatani – Nakayama – Kamekawa
  • Kim – Otani
  • Esaka
  • Ramon Lopez – Cristiano (I) – Ito (K)

Points Breakdown:


Overall:  25/30p

Prediction:  2nd – 5th place


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