J.League 1 Season Preview 2018 – Gamba Osaka


Gamba was a huge disappointment last season, failing to get out of the group stage of the ACL and only managing a 10th place finish in the league.   They got a new manager this year in former Cerezo-man Levir Culpi, which should be a big boost.  They look more or less the same as last year in terms of their squad, but losing the influential MF Ideguchi will weaken their midfield a lot.  Although Culpi is a great manager, I doubt Gamba have what it takes to compete for a top 4 position this year, but they should still manage a finish on the upper end of the table.

Last season:

10th place

Predicted finish: 3rd – 6th place

Transfers In:

DF Suganuma (R)
MF Yajima (S/R)

Transfers Out:

DF Kim (S/R)

MF Ideguchi (I)
FW Akasaki (S/R)

(K = Key player,  I = Important Player, R = Regular Starter, S = Squad Player, K/I = Key/Important etc)

Expected Starting Lineup 2017:

  • 4-4-2:
  • Higashiguchi
  • Oh – Fabio – Miura – Fujiharu
  • Kurata – Endo (I) – Konno – Izumisawa
  • Ademilson(I) – Hwang

Points Breakdown:


Overall:  22/30p

Prediction:   5th – 8th


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