J.League 1 2017 Season Preview – Omiya Ardija


Omiya did a lot better than expected last year, and finished as high as 5th on the table. Their defensive strength was the main reason, as they had one of the best defensive records in the league. They only scored 41 goals though, which was by far the fewest among the teams on the upper half of the table.

Since then they’ve lost arguably their best player last season in Akihiro Ienaga, as well as winger Izumisawa. They’ve made some nice signings as well though, with Genki Omae set to be their new main main up front. Hasegawa and Barada as well should strengthen their midfield.

It will be the defensive foundation they will have to rely on this season as well though, and if they can copy what they did last season another finish on the upper half of the table is likely.

Last season:

5th place (Stage 1: 5th / Stage 2: 6th )

Predicted Finish: 10th – 14th  place

Average Goals Per Game 2016:
Home:       2,36 (1,18 – 1,18)
Away:        2,18 (1,24 – 0,94)
Overall:     2,26 (1,21 – 1,06)


Hiroki Shibuya (4th season)

Transfers In:

MF A.Barada (R)
MF A.Hasegawa (R)

AM Y.Segawa (S/R)
FW G.Omae (K)

Transfers Out:

MF A.Ienaga (K)
MF J.Izumisawa (R)

MF T.Yokoyama (S/R)

(K = Key player,  I = Important Player, R = Regular Starter, S = Squad Player, K/I = Key/Important etc)

Starting Lineup:

  • 4-4-2:
  • Kato (I)
  • Okui – Kikuchi(I) – Koumoto – Wada
  • Esaka(I) – Barada – Yokotani – Hasegawa
  • Mrdja – Omae(K)

Points Breakdown:


Overall:  20,5/30p

Prediction:  8th – 13th



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