Premier League R21 Betting Previews

The biggest bet of the round is Bunrley DNB at home vs Southampton. Burnley are one of the best home-teams in the league with 7-1-3 overall, and have won their last 3 at home. Their 3 losses came agaist Arsenal, Man City as well as Swansea in R1, so can’t really see how an out-of-form Southampton-side can win here. Soton got 3 straight defeats and have only won 2 away-games all season.

Over 2,5 in Hull vs Bournemouth also looks very interesting. Hull are 3,10 at home while Bournemouth are 2,90 away, and goals have been flying in lately at both ends for the away-side.  Also have a pref on Bournemouth as Hull are likely to continue to struggle.

The last big bet of the round is Over 2,5 in Sunderland vs Stoke. Another match where the line looks too low, as Sunderland are 3,00 at home and Stoke 3,00 away. Sunderland got 3-1-1 on their last 5 at home, with the single loss coming to Chelsea, so their home-form looks very good which is why I’m also backing them with a +0,25 bet.

Crystal Palace are impressing nobody at the moment, and they are without a win for 6 matches.  West Ham got 2 straight defeats, but met good teams, and had 3 straight wins prior to that. The DNB on them here holds great value.

Arsenal are in need of points, and shoudl be a big favorite here away vs Swansea. Can’t afford another slip-up as against Bournemouth last round, but meet a weaker side. Think we’ll see goals in this one too as Arsenal are 3,50 away and Swansea 3,70 at home.

Also think we’ll see goals in Everton vs Man City, although Everton are somewhat under at home.  The home-side got a decent chance at an upset-win as well, as Man City haven’t always looked too solid away.

How will Chelsea react to the 0-2 loss vs Tottenham last round? Leicester isn’t an easy opponent, and at 5,99 I think it’s worth backing the underdog here.  Also looks very under this match.

Man United vs Liverpool is the biggest match of the round, and I think we’ll see a fast-paced game with chances at both ends. United should be favorites based on form, but at 3,88 I find the value on Liverpool, and also expect goals here.

At last, I also got a small over 2 in Watford vs Mboro.

High (10 units):

Burnley DNB @ 2,60

High (7,5 units):

Hull – Bournemouth Over 2,5 @ 1,86
Sunderland – Stoke Over 2,5 @ 2,00

Medium (5 units):

Sunderland +0,25 @ 1,84
West Ham DNB @ 1,76

Swansea – Arsenal Over 3 @ 1,96
Leicester – Chelsea Under 2,5 @ 1,96
Everton – Man City Over 2,75 @ 2,00
Man United – Liverpool Over 2,25 @ 1,83

Small (2,5 units):

Burnley – Southampton Over 2,25 @ 2,05
Watford – Mboro Over 2 @ 2,04

Bournemouth -0,25 @ 2,00
Arsenal -1 @ 1,86

Leicester 1×2 @ 5,99
Everton 1×2 @4,52
Liverpool 1×2 @3,88


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