J.League R42 Betting Previews

Last round in J2 this weekend, and we still got plenty of teams with lot to play for at both ends of the table.

Giravanz are in near must-win situation, atleast if they want to avoid relegation-playoff.  Their form is relatively speaking not that bad, with just 2 losses in their last 9 matches. With Zweigen playing away against Consadole they might even avoid direct relegation even with a loss here, but I expect them to go for all 3 points. Montedio can finish as high as 14th with a win here, while a loss could take them down to 19th place, so they are not completely without motivation here. They are also a decent home-team and got 3-1-1 on their last 5 at home, but on pure motivation I still want to back Giravanz here with a rather big bet. Also find very good value in the Under 2,5-line (as this is J2), but in any case this match will also be very interesting for live betting.

Gifu vs Verdy is another interesting match, and due to Gifu’s poor goal-difference, only a win is good enough here if either Giravanz or Zweigen win their matches. That means a draw is worth absolutely nothing to them here, and having lost 6 out of their last 8 matches Gifu’s form isn exactly great, even though they won their last 2 home-matches. Verdy is a team that can cause problem for most clubs, and at 3,93 I find very good value in the away 1×2 bet.

The last big pre-bet of the round is Tokushima 1×2 at home vs Shimizu. Shimizu are in fantastic form with 8 straight wins, but they find themselves in a situation here where most likely only a win is good enough to secure a top 2 finish. And Tokushima are in great form too with 4-1-0 on their last 5, and although they are without motivation 6,78 on Tokushima here holds extremely high value I think. Especially with Shimizu most likely needing to win.

Matsumoto are in a similar position as Shimizu, but due to poorer goal-difference they need either Consadole or Shimizu to mess it up.  If they don’t, and we suddenly find both teams having comfortable leads,  Matsumoto got nothing to play for here and Yokohama is not a bad team. They have won 9 away-matches this season, which is quite good, and could very well cause an upset here too even though they now got nothing left to play for.

It’s also worth a shot to take Thespa 1×2 away vs Fagiano. Fagiano can with a loss here drop out of the playoff-zone ( even a draw if Machida wins by a very big margin), and their form have been abysmal the last few weeks with only 0-3-4 on their last 7 matches.  Thespa are not that good though, so this is more a bet against Fagiano than anything else. Also have the under 2,5 line here as that seems way too high.

The last 1×2 I have is a small Roasso-bet away against Cerezo. Cerezo with nothing to play for, and they have lost 7 matches at home already this season, so it’s worth a shot even though I don’t really rate Roasso that much.

Also have Under 2,25 in Nagasaki vs Kyoto. Doesn’t seem like the most over-match, and think it’s a big chance we’ll see either a 0-0 or 1-1 draw here.

The last bet of the round is Over 2,5 in Kamatamare vs JEF. Both teams have been fairly over lately, and Kamatamare averages 2,65 at home while JEF are 2,60 away.

High (7,5 units):

Giravanz 1×2 @ 2,94
Verdy 1×2 @3,93
Tokushima 1×2 @ 6,78

Medium (5 units):

Yokohama 1×2 @7,53
Thespa 1×2 @4,76

Montedio – Giravanz Under 2,5 @1,81
Fagiano – Thespa Under 2,5 @ 1,88
Nagasaki – Kyoto Under 2,25 @ 1,94

Small (2,5 units):

Roasso 1×2 @5,30

Kamatamare – JEF Over 2,5 @ 2,05


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