J1 R13 Betting Previews & Injury Updates

Jubilo Iwata – Ventforet Kofu:

Predicted Starting Lineup Iwata:
2Nakamura – 3Oi(I) – 33Fujita – 24Ogawa
23Yamamoto – 13Miyazaki
16Saito – 4Kobayashi– 9Ota
15Adailton (I)

GK Kaminski (R/I)
FW Jay (K)
FW Morishima (S/R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Kofu:
16Matsuhashi – 17Tsuda  –4Yamamoto
5Arinzoto – 23Inagaki – Hashizune – 14Tanaka
26Kumatani– 10Cristiano (K)

DF Arai (R)
MF Ishihara (S/R)
MF Kurogi (R)
FW Morita (S/R)
FW Nilson (R)


Iwata are a bit off form, with just 1 point in their last 3 matches.  Had an ok season so far and find themselves in 9th place on the table.  Their home-form havent been too good though with just 1-2-2 from 5 matches.

Kofu rarely lose these days, just 1 loss in their last 7 matches, but 5 of those ended a draw.  Given away the lead in the dying minutes in 2 of those matches, so still only find themselves in 13th place. That’s still better than expected though, and Kofu are this season also scoring a decent amount of goals, led by their ace FW Cristiano. They got 1-4-1 away, which is pretty good.

An Iwata-side who are still without their best FW Jay could be in for a tough match here, and think Kofu got a decent chance of picking up atleast a point.   Would normally support Iwata for the win here as they are the better team, but some question marks over their attack without Jay.   Still think we can see some goals though, but a possible draw?

Prediction: 1-1 or 2-1

My odds: -0,25 @ 1,97 / Over 2,5 @  2,01
Market Price: -0,25 @ 1,99 / Over 2,25 @ 1,98

Over 2,25 @ 1,98 (5 units)

Kashiwa Reysol – Avispa Fukuoka:

Predicted Starting Lineup Reysol:
2Kamata– 4Nakatani – 29Nakayama – 22Wako
14Ito – 25Kobayashi – 8Barada – 15Taketomi
Diego Oliveira-  19Nakagawa

DF Yamanaka (R)
DF Imai (S/R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Avispa:

18Kamekawa – 20Kim  – 19Tsutsumi– 5Saneto
10Jogo(I) – 15Sueyoshi (I) – 33Suzuki – 13Tameda
7Kanamori – 17Wellington (I)



Reysol have been pretty good the last couple of weeks, but lost their last home-match vs Kawasaki 1-3.  Did well to earn a 0-0 draw away vs Hiroshima last round though, and are still in a decent 5th place on the table.

Avispa with a rare win against Shonan last round, but are still in 17th place on the table and looks like the weakest team in the league.  Got 1-2-3 away, and have been fairly under in most of their matches. Likely to approach this game as well in a defensive manner, but don’t leave them with much chance of points and want to back Reysol for the win.

Prediction: 2-0 or 2-1

My odds: -0,75 @  1,91 / Over 2,5 @  2,04
Market Price: -0,75 @ 1,81 / Over 2,5 @ 2,03


Sagan Tosu – Omiya Ardija:

Predicted Starting Lineup Sagan:
8Fujita – 5Kim MH – 36Kikuchi– 23Yoshida
10Kim MW – 9Baek– 16Choi
11Toyoda (K) – 39Okada

DF Taniguchi (R)
MF Kamata (S/R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Omiya:
19Okui – Fukuda – 3Koumoto – 22Wada
17Yokotani – 10Iwakami– 23Kanazawa – 5Numata
81Mrdja (K) – 41Ienaga(K)

DF Watabe (S/R)
DF Kikuchi (R)


Sagan are having a tough season, and looks like one of the favorites to go down.  Only 2 wins from 11 matches isn’t much, and they have been equally poor at home as away.

Omiya are doing a lot better, and are all the way up in 4th place.  Only 1 loss in their last 8 matches, which came against rivals Urawa.  Got an impressive 5-0-1 away, and have to back them for another win here.  Looks very under as well this match.

Prediction: 0-2 or 0-1

My odds: +0,5 @  1,92 / Over 2,25 @  1,95
Market Price: -0,25 @ 2,03 / Over 2,25 @ 2,07

Omiya +0,25 @ 1,89 ( 10 units)
Omiya 1×2 @  3,29 (2,5 units)

Vissel Kobe – Yokohama F Marinos:

Predicted Starting Lineup Kobe:
6Sho. Takahashi –8Takahashi – 39Inoha – 3Soma
19Watanabe – 23Maeda – 14Fujita –17Tanaka
Tashiro – 20Masuyama

DF Iwanami (R/I)
MF Ogawa (R)
MF Mihara (R)
FW Leandro (I)
FW Pedro Junior (R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Marinos:
23Shimohira – 22Nakazawa (I) – 4Kurihara – 13Kobayashi
8Nakamachi– Kida
11Saito(I) – 10Nakamura (I) – 20Martinuz

DF Fabio (R)
DF Kanai (S/R)


Kobe are still varying a lot from one game to another, and are a hard team to predict.  Usually very over, especially at home, but are missing their 2 best FWs here.

Marinos are really out of it with just 1 point in their last 5 matches. Met some good teams though, but were expected to be a contender for ACL this season so it’s disappointing.  Got 3-1-2 away, and have picked up more points there than at home, and might be able to get a point here against a weakened Kobe-side.

Still have a fairly big pref on home though, and think we can still see some goals as Kobe has a lot of options up front to choose from.

Prediction: 2-1 or 2-2

My odds: -0,25 @  1,98 / Over 2,5 @  1,91
Market Price: DNB @ 2,14 / Over 2,5 @ 2,07

Kobe DNB @  2,14 (7,5 units)
Over 2,25 @ 1,82 (5 units)

Sanfrecce Hiroshima – Gamba Osaka:

Predicted Starting Lineup Hiroshima:
5Chiba – 33Shiotani – 4Mizumoto
14Mikic – 6Aoyama(I)– 8Ka.Morisaki– 18Kashiwa
25Chashima – 30Shibasaki

DF Sasaki (R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Gamba:
1Higashiguchi (I)
4Fujiharu – 5Niwa – 8Iwashita – 22Yonekura
13Abe – 15Konno – 7Endo (K) – 11Kurata
29Patric – 39Usami (K)

MF Ideguchi (R)


Hiroshima are currently in 6th place, which is a bit worse than expected. They have for most part been good at home though with 3-2-1 overall, and 3-1-0 on their last 4.

Gamba have been even more disappointing, and find themselves in 8th place.  Seems to vary a lot from one game to another, but got overall 3-1-1 away.

Hiroshima won fairly easily in the Supercup-final ahead of the season, and Im backing them for the win here as well as I rate them as the better team. Could be goals in it too.

Prediction: 2-0 or 2-1

My odds: -0,55 @ 1,99 / Over 2,5 @  2,00
Market Price: -0,25 @ 1,88 / Over 2,5 @ 2,01

Sanfrecce Hiroshima -0,25 @ 1,88 (10 units)

Shonan Bellmare – Vegalta Sendai:

Predicted Starting Lineup Shonan:
6Misao – 4Andre Bahia (I) – 30Shimamura
5S.Kikuchi – 5Paulinho – 16Ishikawa – 10D.Kikuchi
23Takayama (I) – 19Otsuki


Predicted Starting Lineup Vegalta:
4Hachisuka – 27Oiwa – 3Watanabe – 5Ishikawa
Kanakubo – 17Tomita – 18Mita – 10Ryang (I)
20Ramon Lopez – 8Nozawa

DF Sugai (S/R)
FW Kanazono (S/R)


Shonan are still in last place, but have been playing a lot better than what their league position suggests. Got 5 under-games in a row now, but used to very over earlier in the season.

Vegalta are also struggling with just 11 points from 12 matches. Got 1-2-3 away, and think they will be in for a tough match here as well.  Shonan are bound to start winning more regularly sooner or later, and should be the better team here for sure.  Slight under-pref.

Prediction: 2-0

My odds: -0,25 @  1,82 / Over 2,5 @ 2,08
Market Price: DNB @ 1,81 / Over 2,25 @ 1,98

Shonan Bellmare DNB @ 1,81 ( 12,5 units)

Nagoya Grampus – Kashima Antlers:

Predicted Starting Lineup Nagoya:
19Yano – 2Takeuchi – 3Öhman – Obu
15Lee – 7Taguchi (I)
6Kobayashi – 20Yada– 11Nagai (I)

GK Narazaki (I)
FW Matsuda (R)
FW Izumi (R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Kashima:
Ito – 3Shoji – 23Ueda– 6Yamamoto
32Sugimoto– 10Shibasaki (I) – 40Ogasawara – 7Caio (I)
33Kanazaki(I) – 18Akasaki

DF Seok (R)
DF Nishi (R)


Nagoya are a bit all over the place result-wise, and got overall a 4-2-5 record so far. Got 3-1-2 at home, and have been very over in most of their matches.

Kashima are still doing well and find themselves in in 3rd place. Have only suffered 2 defeats so far, and will be looking for another 3 points here to keep up in the race for 1st.   Got 2-3-1 overall away,  but will probably not settle for a draw here with few games remaining in Stage 1.  Looked fairly under overall this season, especially away.

Prediction: 0-2 or 1-2

My odds: +0,5 @ 1,82 / Over 2,5 @  2,07
Market Price: +0,75 @2,02 / Over 2,75 @ 1,91

Nagoya 1×2 @ 5,05 (2,5 units)
Under 3@ 1,75 (5 units)

Albirex Niigata – Kawasaki Frontale:

Predicted Starting Lineup Albirex:
5Maeno – 2Ono –3Masuda – 4Fitzgerald
13Kato – 25Oya – 8Leo Silva (I) – 14Tanaka
9Yamazaki – 16Hiramatsu

DF Matsubara (S/R)
FW Rafael (I)

Predicted Starting Lineup Kawasaki:
1Jung (I)
18Elsinho (I) – 5Taniguchi – 23Eduardo – 20Kurumaya
10Oshima – 21Eduardo Neto
11Kobayashi – 14Nakamura (I) –2Noborizato
13Okubo (K)

DF Nara (R)
DF Komiyama (S/R)
DF Igawa (S/R)
DF Takeoka (S/R)
FW Morimoto (R)


Albirex still only got 2 wins so far this season, and are without a win for 7 league-matches now.  3 out of their last 4 ended a draw though, and they are still without a win at home this season.

Kawasaki find themselves in 1st place, and have been overall very solid. Ar the highest-scoring team by far with an amazing 26 goals in 12 matches, and should be considered a clear favorite here as well. Got 5-0-0 away, and can’t see Albirex get away with anything.

Prediction: 1-3

My odds: +0,75 @ 1,82 / Over 2,75 @  1,88
Market Price: +0,5 @ 1,87 / Over 2,75 @ 1,96

Kawasaki Frontale -0,25 @ 1,79 ( 12,5 units)
Over 2,75 @ 1,96 ( 5 units)


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