J.League 2 R9 Betting Previews

Consadole Sapporo – Cerezo Osaka:

Consadole are off to a decent start to the season and find themselves in 4th place on the table. Have managed strong results vs good teams as well, and look like a team that should be able to challenge for atleast playoff this season.

Cerezo are the only team that are still unbeaten, but came close last round as they needed a last-minute goal to save a draw at home vs Giravanz.  Looked good playsise as well, maybe even more away than home where they have won all 4 matches without conceding any goals.

Have to have Cerezo as a favorite here as well as it should be a clear gap in quality, but still think Consadole got a decent chance at getting away with a point atleast.  Tricky total, but leaning towards under.

Prediction: 1-1 or 0-1

My odds: +0,25 @  1,92 / Over 2 @ 1,82
Market Price: +0,25 @1,89 / Over 2 @ 1,90

Over 2 @ 1,90 ( 2,5 units)

Machida Zelvia – V-Varen Nagasaki:

Machida are the biggest positive surprise so far, and are in 2nd place with 5-2-1 overall.  Only lost against Cerezo, which was in R1, and they have looked strong playwise too.

Nagasaki find themselves in the other end of the table with just 1 win so far and only 5 goals scored from 7 matches.  Likely to be in for a tough game here as well, and think Machida will continue on their good run and get another strong result. However, Nagasaki are unbeaten away with 1-3-0, so could easily end a  draw as well.

Prediction: 1-0 or 1-1

MY odds:  -0,25 @  1,91 / Over 2 @  1,96
Market Price: -0,25 @ 2,01 / Over 2 @ 2,05


Renofa Yamaguchi – JEF United:

Renoda with an OK start so far, and seems to have managed to adapt to life in J2 pretty easily with 3-3-2 from 8 matches.

JEF are picking up a decent amount of points, and find themselves on a joint 4th place, but are not really impressing anyone with how they are playing.  They have lost 2 out of 3 matches away as well, and could actually be in for a tough match here.

Still rate them as a favorite,  but not ruling out a draw. Think we could see some goals in this one actually.

Prediction: 1-2 or 1-1

My odds: +0,25 @  1,80 / Over 2,25 @ 1,99
Market Price: Dnb @ 2,02 / Over 2,25 @ 2,06


Over 2 @ 1,75 (2,5 units )

Tokyo Verdy – Mito Hollyhock:

Tokyo V have looked fairly average so far, with just 2 wins from their opening 8 matches. Got 3 straight draws, and their main problem seems to be scoring goals with just 5 goals so far.

Mito are even worse though, and looks like one of the weaker teams in the league at the moment. Won 1-0 at home vs Thespa a few rounds ago, but other than that they have been very poor.

Think Tokyo V got a good chance at getting back on track here with a win, but don’t expect too many goals in this one.

Prediction: 1-0 or 2-0

My odds: -0,25 @  1,82 / Over 2 @  2,07
Market Price: DNB @ 1,82 / Over 2 @ 2,08

Tokyo Verdy DNB @ 1,82 ( 5 units)

Zweigen Kanazawa – FC Gifu:

Zweigen are without a win  from their opening 7 matches, and find themselves in last place of the table.  Looked very uninspiring in most of their matches, and struggled a lot defensively.

Gifu seems to be going on streaks this season, as they first played 2 horrible poor matches where they lost both 0-4, before winning 4 in a row just to suffer 2 new straight defeats now.  Tricky team to predict in other words, but should have decent chances at getting back on track here vs a poor Zweigen-side.

Don’t really trust them though, and Zweigen are bound to improve sooner or later as they do have quality in their team.  Think we’ll see a high-scoring match here though!

Prediction: 1-2 or 2-2

My odds: DNB @  2,06 / Over 2,5 @  1,88
Market Price: DNB @1,78 / Over 2,25 @ 2,08

Over 2 @ 1,76 (7,5 units)

Kyoto Sanga – Tokushima Vortis:

Kyoto finally seem to have gotten their season started with 2 straight wins now. They looked really poor earlier in the season, but might seem to have turned it around now.

Tokushima on the other hand have been a disaster for most of this season, with just 1 win from 8 matches. Conceded 12 goals, which is the 2nd most in the league. With Kyoto having improved  I think Tokushima could be in for a struggle here then, and expect a home win. Should be goals in this one too.

Prediction: 2-0 or 2-1

My odds: -0,25 @ 1,82 / Over 2,25 @  1,99
Market Price: -0,5 @ 2,01 / Over 2 @ 1,86

Over 2 @ 1,86 ( 2,5 units)

Ehime FC  – Kamatamare Sanuki:

Ehime have only suffered 1 loss so far, and have now 2 straight wins so have overall had a decent start despite the many drawn matches.   Looked overall pretty solid, except for in the 0-3 home-loss vs Gifu a few rounds ago which was strange.

Kamatamare are all the way up in 5th, which is a lot higher than expected. Scored lots of goals ( and also conceded many), and have a pretty decent attack this season that  should give them some points.   Did well to earn a point away vs Shimizu last round, and can easily get away with something here as well I think.

Expect a fast-paced game with goals in it, most likely at both ends.

Prediction: 1-1 or or 2-1

My odds: DNB @  1,89 / Over 2,25 @  2,04
Market Price: -0,5 @ 2,06 / Over 2 @ 1,95

Kamatamare Sanuki +0,5 @ 1,80 (5 units)
Over 2 @ 1,96 (5 units)

Giravanz Kitakyushu – Shimizu S-Pulse:

Giravanz have had a nightmare season so far, with just 1 win which came in R1.  Were tipped to a be a contender for a top 6 finish, but look more like a relegation-candidate for now.

Shimizu havent been as good as expected with only 3-3-2 so far, but it is at home they have been disappointing as they have won all 3 away-matches so far.  Like many other big teams in J2, they seem to prefer playing away as it means less pressure to win, and I have them as a pretty big favorite here.   Think we’ll see some goals as well.

Prediction: 0-2

My odds: +0,5 @ 1,84 / Over 2,25 @ 2,09
Market Price: +0,75 @ 1,82 / Over 2,25 @ 1,98


Matsumoto Yamaga – ThespaKusatsu Gunma:

Matsumoto seems to have found their form now after a slightly sluggish start to their season.  Got 2 straight wins, ad should have decent chances at 3 new points here.

Thespa havent looked like much, and with just 0-1-5 on their last 6 matches they are one of the weakest teams in the league at the moment.  Cant see them get away with anything here, and expect an easy home-win.

Prediction: 2-0

My odds: -0,75 @  1,83 / Over 2 @  1,89
Market Price: -0,75 @ 1,88 / Over 2,25 @ 2,09


Fagiano Okayama – Montedio Yamagata:

Fagiano are in 3rd place, and have only lost 1 game so far this season. Havent had the toughest of schedules, and think they will struggle more against good teams.

Montedio were expected to be a contender for a top 6 finish, but have so far failed to win a single game and find themselves in 21st place.  Looked horrible playwise as well, and doesn’t seem to be much positive things around the club at the moment. Not a good away-team, and think they will lose this one.

Prediction: 2-0 or 2-1

My odds: -0,5 @  2,03 / Over 2,25 @  2,02
Market Price: -0,25 @ 2,12 / Over 2 @ 1,89

Fagiano -0,25 @ 2,12 (5 units)


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