Tippeligaen R5 Betting Previews

Haugesund – Lillestrøm:

2 straight defeats now for FKH, but they can still be overall happy with their start to the season having picked up 6 points from 4 matches, whereas 3 of them have been away.

Lillestrøm got 1-2-1 so far, and impressed a lot last round winning 4-0 vs Sarpsborg at home.  Also gave Molde a run for the points in the 2-4 loss the round before.  Are not usually a very good away-team though, and Haugesund will have a big home-advantage here.  Think we’ll see an open game too with LSK being out of of control lately, and expect goals.

Prediction: 2-1 or 3-1

My odds: -0,25 @ 1,89 / Over 2,75 @  1,83
Market Price: -0,25 @ 2,11 / Over 2,5 @ 2,04

Haugesund  DNB @ 1,75 (5 units)
Over 2,5 @ 2,04 ( 5 units)

Strømsgodset – Sogndal:

Godset have been a big disappointment so far, with just 1-1-2 from 4 matches.  They have had 2 tough away-matches so far, but obviously they can’t be happy with how things have gone so far.

Sogndal got 2-1-1, and have won both their 2 home-matches 1-0. Lost 0-2 in Bodø in R1, but did well to earn a point away vs Sarpsborg in their other away-match.   Think they will be in for a tougher match here though, and can’t really see them have any chance of points as Godset should bounce back with a win.  No particular over-pref.

Prediction: 2-0 or 3-0

MY odds: -1 @ 1,89 / Over 2,5 @  1,94
Market Price: -1 @ 1,87 / Over 2,75 @1,97

Under 2,75 @ 1,98 (2,5units)

Rosenborg – Brann:

Rosenborg with 3 straight wins now, and have looked very solid overall.  Only conceded 1 goal, which was in their first match vs Odd.   Both wins at home were by a 1-0 margin though.

Brann are one of the unbeaten teams so far, with 2-2-0 overall.  Won their last 2 matches, but the most impressive result is the 2-2 draw away vs Godset in R1.

Brann usually struggles vs Rosenborg, and hard to see them get away with anything here despite their good start.  Think we’ll see an open and fast-paced game, and expect goals as well.

Prediction: 3-1

My odds: -1,25 @  1,92 / Over 3 @  1,93
Market Price: -1,5 2 1,92 / Over 3 @ 1,85


Bodø Glimt – Molde:

Bodø have won both their 2 home-matches so far in impressive fashion, but have expectedly struggled more away.  Meet a tougher team here though, but Molde have so far not been hitting on all sylinders even though they are unbeaten.

Even though Molde should be considered a favorite, I still think Bodø have decent chances at getting away with something here. Also expect an open game with 2 teams pushing for the win.

Prediction: 2-2

My odds: +0,25 @  1,84 / Over 3 @  1,86
Market Price: +0,75 @ 1,96 / Over 2,75 @ 1,92

Bodø Glimt +0,75 @ 1,96 ( 5 units)
Bodø Glimt 1×2 @ 4,83 (2,5 units)
Over 2,75 @ 1,90 (5 units)

Aalesund – Viking:

3 straight losses now for Aalesund, and they have looked poor playwise as well.  JA Riise have not managed to put a positive effect on the team yet, but they hope for better luck here.

Viking have had a decent start ,winning both their 2 away-matches, but fell to a 0-2 home defeat vs Odd last round.  The artificial turf could prove a disadvantage for them here, but can’t saw Aalesund have shown much that makes me want to back them either. Looks fairly under though.

Prediction: 1-1 or 2-1

My odds: DNB @  1,99 / Over 2,5 @  2,03
Market Price: +0,25 @ 1,94 / Over 2,5 @ 1,96

Aalesund +0,25 @ 1,94 (2,5 units)

Sarpsborg – Stabæk:

Sarpsborg have had a nightmare start to their season, with just 0-2-2 and no goals scored so far.  Created very few chances overall, and incidentally their 0-4 defeat away vs LSK last round was where they came closest of scoring.

Stabæk also have had a tough start to their season, with 3 straight losses before getting back on track with a last-minute 2-1 win vs rivals Vålerenga last round.  That should prove good for their morale and confidence, and think they can build on that result to get away with something here as well.  A low-scoring draw seems the most likely outcome.

Prediction: 1-1 or 1-2

My odds: DNB @  2,01 / Over 2,5 @ 2,01
Market Price: -0,25 @ 2,09 / Over 2,5 @ 1,96

Stabæk +0,25 @ 1,85 (2,5 units)

Vålerenga – Tromsø:

4 matches, 4 defeats and 1-7 in goal-difference is what Vålerenga have achieved so far.  Pressure is building in coach Rekdal, and they are desperate for a win here.

Tromsø are unbeaten so far, with 1-3-0, and have looked extremely under in all of their matches so far. Very impressive 2-0 win vs Godset at home last round, and managed a point away vs tough teams like Odd and Molde as well.

With that in mind they should have decent chances at getting away with something here as well, but historically Tromsø is not a good away-team, and sooner or later Vålerenga will start winning.

Prediction: 2-0 or 1-1

My odds: -0,5 @   2,04 / Over 2,5 @  2,02
Market Price: -0,5 @ 1,88 / Over 2,5 @ 2,04


Odd – Start:

Odd got 2-2-0 so far, with 3-0 in goal-difference so they have looked very solid defensively.  Not so much going forward, with many chances missed, but looked good last round away vs Viking.

Start got 0-3-1, which is not bad considering they have met strong teams like Viking and Molde. Only draws will not be enough for them in the long-run though, and with key MF Ajer leaving midway through the season as well it is now they will need to pick up points.

Should be a fairly easy win for Odd this. Both teams have looked very under so far, but sooner or later goals will start coming.

Prediction: 2-0

My odds: -1,25 @  1,99 / Over 2,5 @  1,93
Market Price: -1,75 @1,89 / Over 3,25 @ 2,08

Under 3,25 @ 1,76 (5 units)


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