Tippeligaen R4 Betting Previews & Predicted Lineups

Sogndal  – Haugesund:

Predicted Starting Lineup Sogndal:
Teniste  – Utvik – Psychè* – Raitala
Sveen – Sarr (K) – Bolseth – Ramsland*
Otoo – Opseth (I)

DF Patronen (I)
MF Koomson (R)
MF Holsæter (S/R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Haugesund:
Izuchukwu – Troost Ekong (I) – Skjerve
Stølås – Tronstad – Mensah* – Mæland – Haraldseid
Miljeteig (I) – Ibrahim

MF Kiss (R)
MF Hajradinovic (S/R)


Sogndal with 1-1-1 so far, and haven’t exactly set the league alight with their play, which has been ultra-defensive so far. Scored 1 goal from the 3 matches, and conceded 2 ( both in the first match vs Bodø Glimt away).  Won their only home-game 1-0 vs Vålerenga in impressive manner, but Vålerenga have been really out of it this season so that might not mean too much.

Haugesund won both their 2 opening matches, and looked impressive doing so but lost 0-2 away vs Godset last round after getting 2 players sent off.  Weren’t expected to get away with anything from that match anyway.

Think Haugesund can match Sogndal here, and get away with atleast a point.  Expect another match with very few chances, and unders look tempting.

Prediction: 0-1 or 0-0

My odds: DNB @  2,04 / Over 2,25 @  2,07
Market Price: -0,25 @ 1,87 / Over 2,25 @ 1,90

Haugesund +0,5 @ 1,78 (5 units)
Under 2,5 @ 1,75 (5 units)

Lillestrøm – Sarpsborg:

Predicted Starting Lineup Lillestrøm:
Skogseid – Kippe– Amundsen – Kind Mikalsen
Jradi – Martin (I) – Innocent – Ofkir*
Knudtzon – Friday (I)

MF Lundemo (R)
MF Kolstad (S/R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Sarpsborg:
Berge – Glesnes – Heieren Hansen – Jonsson
Tokstad – Ernemann (I) – Lund Nielsen – Thomassen
Mortensen– Kirkevold

DF Toivomaki (R)
DF Østli (S/R)
MF Trondsen (R)
FW Lindberg (I)

Lillestrøm are yet to win this season, and disappointed in their first 2 matches vs Start and Bodø Glimt which both ended 1-1. Lost 2-4 in Molde last round, but that was expected.

Sarpsborg are also yet to win, and more alarmingly have also failed to score in any of their opening 3 matches.  Looked good defensively though.

LSK are the better team here, and with Sarpsborg most likely missing a couple of regulars here as well it should be good chances for the home-team to get their maiden win.  They had 9-3-3 at home last round, and Sarpsborg were one of the weaker away-teams.   Pref on under, but goals are bound to come sooner or later in Tippeligaen so it’s tricky.

Prediction: 2-0 or 3-1

My odds: -0,75 @ 2,03 / Over 2,5 @  2,03
Market Price: -0,5 @ 1,89 / Over 2,5 @ 1,95

Lillestrøm -0,5 @ 1,89 (5 units)

Stabæk – Vålerenga:

Predicted Starting Lineup Stabæk:
Meling – Næss – Skjønsberg (I) – Granli
Issah – Davey
Asante (K) – Kassi – Ohi

MF Østfold (S/R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Vålerenga:
Larsen* – Jääger – Wæhler – Arvidsson
Stengel – Grindheim
Fredheim Holm – Berge – Lindkvist

GK Sandberg (R)
DF Lundstrøm (R)
MF Zahid (I)


Stabæk have lost all 3 matches so far, but they havent had the easiest of schedules.  Looked fairly over in their last 2 matches, and expect an open game here as well.

Vålerenga also have lost all 3, and have failed to score any goals as well.  Lots of fuzz about the club off the pitch as well at the moment, so things are not going well for the capitol club.

Vålerenga one of the better away-teams in the league last year, and sooner or later they will get out of their slump. Stabæk never an easy opponent though, but with 2 teams that are struggling it’s hard to pick a favorite.  Think we can see some goals as I expect a more offensive-minded Vålerenga-side here.

Prediction: 2-1 or 2-2

My odds: DNB @  1,86 / Over 2,75 @  1,84
Market Price: -0,25 @1,97 / Over 2,5 @ 1,93

Over 2,5 @ 1,93 (5 units)

Brann – Bodø Glimt:

Predicted Starting Lineup Brann:
Kristiansen – Demidov – Acosta – Nouri
Johansen* – Haugen – Heltne Nilsen
Braaten – Hvilsom – Huseklepp (I)

MF Barmen (R)
FW Vega (R/I)

Predicted Starting Lineup Bodø Glimt:
Jonassen – Bjørnbak (I) – Moe – Jacobsen
Normann – Babenko (I) – Furebotn
Olsen (I) – Jevtovic – Azemi

MF Konradsen (R)

Brann with a good start to their season, and are yet to lose despite having had a very tough schedule. One of the teams that have looked good in attack so far, and have scored 4 goals already.

Glimt are also unbeaten, and have looked very impressive at home winning both matches.  Got a 1-1 draw away vs LSK as well but expect them to struggle in most of their away-matches this season.

With that in mind I have a fairly big pref on Brann here, and think they can end up with the 3 points. Expect a fast-paced game too with chances at both ends.

Prediction: 2-1 or 3-1

My odds: -0,25 @  1,83 / Over 2,75 @  1,89
Market Price:  -0,75 @ 2,05 / Over 2,5 @ 1,84

Bodø Glimt 1×2 @ 4,57 (3 units)
Over 2,5 @ 1,84 (5 units)

Rosenborg – Aalesund:

Predicted Starting Lineup Rosenborg:
Svensson – Reginiussen – Eyjolfsson – Skjelvik
Jensen (I) – Konradsen – Midtsjø
De Lanlay – Gytkjær (I) – Helland (I)


Predicted Starting Lineup Aalesund:
Arnarson – Lie – Skagestad – JA Riise
Orry Larsen – BH Riise (I) – Hoff – Gyasi (I)
Boli (I) – Thrandarson

GK Cramer (R)
DF Kirkeskov (R)

Rosenborg got 2 straight wins now, and should have gotten away with something from their opening match vs Odd as well which they lost 0-1 away.  Met 3 good teams, so expect them to dominate here against a weak(er) side like Aalesund.

Aalesund havent looked good so far, with 2 straight losses and especially the 0-3 loss away vs Haugesund were disappointing.  Deservedly lost 1-2 at home vs Brann as well last round, and cant see them have any chance at getting anything here and could even be a big loss.

Prediction: 3-0 or 3-1

My odds: -1,75 @  2,03 / Over 2,75 @  1,84
Market Price: -1,75 @ 1,89 / Over 3,25 @ 2,00


Start – Molde:

Predicted Starting Lineup Start:
Opdal (I)
Robstad – Heikkilä – Vikstøl – Skogmo
Rasmussen – Kristjansson – Ajer (K) – Børufsen
Idekomon – Hoff (I)

FW Salvesen (S/R)

Predicted Starting Lineup Molde:
Flo – Gabrielsen – Forren (I) – Ssewankambo*
Mostrøm – Hestad – Singh – Svendsen*
Gulbrandsen (I) – Gudjohnsen

DF Toivio (R)
AM Elyounoussi (I)
FW Bakenga (R)

GK Horvath (R)


Start haven’t had the easiest of starts, and are still without a win after 3 matches.  Not played too badly, and all their 3 matches have been fairly evenly contested.

Molde got 7 points so far, and have looked good in their last 2 matches, especially offensively. Are the  highest-scoring team in the league at the moment, and think a poor Start-defence will be in for a busy night here.

Can’t really see Start have any realistic chance of points here, and expect an easy win for the away-side.  Could see some goals too, even though Molde are more over away than at home.

Prediction: 1-3

My odds: +0,75 @  1,99 / Over 2,75 @  1,97
Market Price: +1 @ 2,04 / Over 2,75 @2,03


Tromsø – Strømsgodset:

Predicted Starting Lineup Tromsø:
Norbye – Ødegaard – Wangberg – Antonsen
Andersen– Landu Landu – Johansen – Nilsen
Åsen – Lehne Olsen

GK Loncaric (R)
MF Sigurdarsson(I)

Predicted Starting Lineup Strømsgodset:
Bugge Pettersen
Parr – Valsvik – Madsen – Vilsvik (I)
Ovenstad – Abu (I) – Adjei Boateng
Storflor – Høiland* – Nguen*

MF Junior (R)
FW Pedersen (I)
FW Kastrati (R)

Tromsø 3 straight draws so far, and have looked extremely under in all their matches.  Seems to have sorted out their defensive problems from last season, but have looked poor in attack.

Godset got 1-1-1 so far, with their only loss coming away against Rosenborg.  Not been that impressive, and still not hitting on all sylinders it seems.

Playing away against Tromsø is never easy, and Godset had 7-2-6 away last round so they gave away a lot of points on their trips.  Not ruling out a Tromsø-win, but still have to have the away-side as a slight favorite.  Also got a small under-pref.

Prediction: 1-1 or 1-2

My odds: DNB @ 2,11 / Over 2,5 @ 1,93
Market Price: +0,25 @ 2,04 / Over 2,5 @ 1,93


Viking – Odd:

Predicted Starting Lineup Viking:
Danielsen – Mets – Soares – Haugen
Bytyqi– Ibrahim (I) – Sverrisson – Adegbenro (I)
Abdullahi – Pedersen


Predicted Starting Lineup Odd:
Grøgaard – Semb Berge – Hagen – Ruud
Samuelsen (I) – Oldrup Jensen – Nordkvelle
Zekhnini – Occean (I) – Bentley



Viking are off to a good start, with 7 points from 3 matches and yet to concede any goals. Their last home-game was the only disappointment really, as they only managed a 0-0 draw vs a poor  Sarpsborg-side.

Odd are also unbeaten with no goals conceded, but they have only scored once in 3 matches.  Also failed to create too many chances, although they should have scored a  couple of goals vs Tromsø at home last round.

Have a home-pref here as Viking had an impressive 10-2-3 at home last year. Odd were strong away as well though, but Viking looks to be in better shape at the moment.  Slight under-pref, but potential for goals even though both teams have been very under so far.

Prediction: 2-0 or 2-1

My odds:  -0,25 @  1,94 / Over 2,5 @ 2,04
Market Price: DNB @ 1,81 / Over 2,5 @ 2,02

Viking DNB @1,81 (5 units)


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