Asian Champions League MD4 Tuesday’s Previews

Sydney FC – Pohang Steelers:

Sydney with nothing left to play for in the league, as they are out of the race for a top 6 finish. They can focus solely on this game now then, which should be an advantage. They have looked good in their last ACL-matches, but their performance in the league have been disappointing.

Pohang only got 1 win from their first 3 league-matches, and got 1-1-1 so far in ACL. Need a result here I think considering they lost at home vs Sydney, but faces a tough challenged and the long travel down to Australia will affect the players. They actually have a very good away-record in ACL recently though, but lost on all 3 occasions they played in Australia before.

Got a fairly big home-pref here, in what is likely to become a low-scoring match.

Prediction: 2-0

My odds: -0,25 @  1,82 / Over 2,25 @  1,99
Market Price: -0,25 @ 1,78 / Over 2,25 @ 2,06


Added Sydney FC -0,25 @ 1,78 (2,5 units) after updated team-news.

Seoul FC – Shandong Luneng:

Seoul are in good form with 4 wins in their last 5 in all competitions. Have been amazing so far in ACL winning all their matches and scoring for fun, with Adriano netting 9 goals already!

Shandong are in 2nd place in the group with 2 wins so far, but looked poor in the home-match vs Seoul and lost 1-4.  Struggled in the league so far as well, and and are conceding a lot of goals.

Naturally I have a big home-pref here, but are equally interested in overs as I expect goals for sure!

Prediction: 3-1 or 3-2

My odds: -0,5 @ 1,82 / Over 3 @  2,08
Market Price: -1 @1,88 / Over 2,75 @ 2,00

Over 2,75 @ 2,00 (7,5 units)
Shandong Luneng 1×2 @ 6,95 (1,5 units)

Urawa Reds – Guangzhou Evergrande:

Urawa in great form in the league, and are topping the league after 5 matches. Got 1-1-1 so far in ACL, which is ok considering their schedule with 2 tough away-matches  in China and South Korea.

Evergrande have been a disappointment so far, especially in ACL where they are yet to win after 3 matches. Struggled initially in the league as well, but got 2 straight home-wins there now.  Evergrande does not look as strong as in previous seasons though, and got a pref on the home-side here cause of that. Urawa have been very solid in all aspects of the field, and should get away with something here.  Could easily be a lot of goals in this one.

Prediction: 2-1 or 2-2

My odds: -0,25 @ 2,00 / Over 2,75 @ 1,99
Market Price: DNB @2,10 / Over 2,75 @ 2,07

Urawa Reds DNB @2,10 (5 units)
Over 2,5 @ 1,81 (2,5 units)

Buriram United – Sanfrecce Hiroshima:

Buriram have looked extremely poor so far in ACL, losing all 3 matches without scoring any goals and an overall goal difference of 0-12.   All the way down in 6th place in the league as well after 5 matches, so clearly something is not as it should be in the Buriram-camp.

Hiroshima have gotten their season back on track with 3 straight wins now, and have scored goals for fun.   Should be a big favorite here as well as they are in need of points, but are likely to leave a few players back in Japan.  Might also be a bit alarming that in 11 away-matches in ACL, they have only won once, and that was all the way back in 2010.  Still, I think they will win here, and expect goals as well.

Prediction: 1-3

My odds: +0,75 @  1,81 / Over 2,75 @ 1,81
Market Price: +0,75 @ 2,23 / Over 2,75 @ 1,99

Buriram 1×2 @ 6,60 (1,5 units)
Over 2,75 @ 1,99 (5 units)

Nasaf – El Jaish:

Nasaf got 1-0-2 so far in the group-stage, but are on to a good start in the league where they have won all 3 matches so far.  They lost 0-1 away vs El Jaish a couple of weeks ago, and will be looking  for revenge here.

EL Jaish are just 1 point away from qualifying to the next round as they have won all 3 matches sofar. Were very lucky to beat Al Ain in both matches, but its nonetheless impressive.  In 3rd place in the league, and are fighting for a place in ACL next year as well so have to have focus on both competitions still.

Rate El Jaish as the better team, but the home-advantage for the Uzbek teams should not be underestimated. Expect a tight match, and hard to pick a winner really.

Prediction: 1-1 or 1-2

My odds: DNB @  1,95 / Over 2,5 @  2,09
Market Price: -0,25 @1,87 / Over 2,25 @ 2,02

El Jaish +0,5 @ 1,74 (5 units)
Over 2 @1,75 (2,5 units)

Lekwhiya – Al Nassr:

Lekwhiya 2 straight losses in the league, and have dropped to 4th place on the table. Also poor start in ACL as they only got 0-2-1 so far, and are in need of a win here.

Al Nassr got 1-2-0 so far, but are struggling all the way down in 8th place in the league.  Got their man focus on ACL, but are not a good away-team.

Lekwhiya are a much better team I think, and despite their poor start to the group-stage I think they will take 3 points here.  Blank on the total as its over vs under.

Prediction: 2-0 or 2-1

My odds: -0,5 @  1,99 / Over 2,5 @  2,07
Market Price: -0,25 @ 1,82 / Over 2,5 @ 2,06

Lekwhiya -0,25 @ 1,82 (5 units)

Zob Ahan – Bunyodkor:

Zob Ahan 1-2-0 so far in ACL, but are struggling in the league where they only got 1 win in their last 7 matches. Bunyodkor got 2-1-0 so far in the league, but are yet to win in ACL, and are in need of a good result here to still be in the race for a place in the playoffs.

Don’t leave Bunyodkor with much chance here though, and have a very big home-pref.  No particular pref on the totals.

Prediction: 2-0

My odds: -0,5 @ 1,89 / Over 2,25 @  1,89
Market Price: -0,5 @ 2,08 / Over 2 @ 1,97

Zob Ahan -0,25 @ 1,80 (2,5 units)

Al Ahli – Al Ain:

Al Ahli lost 0-1 away vs Al Ain last ACL-match, but are doing well in the league where they are in 1st place. Al Ain are also in good form domestically, but somehow lost their 2 matches vs El Jaish earlier in the group-stage despite dominating both matches.

Rate Al Ain as the slightly better team here, but Al Ahli are very good at home, and havent lost in 16 home-games in ACL.  Should therefore be considered a small favorite here.  Tricky total, as Al Ain are usually very under away in ACL but still think we might see some goals.

Prediction: 2-1 or 1-1

My odds: -0,25 @  1,98 / Over 2,5 @ 1,99
Market Price: -0,25 @ 2,00 / Over 2,5 @ 1,97



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