Bundesliga R25 Betting Previews

Wolfsburg – Borussia Mgladbach:

Wolfsburg are missing:
GK Benaglio (R)
DF Naldo (R)
DF Jung (S/R)
FW Dost (K)
FW Bendtner (S/R)

Mgladbach are missing:
DF Jantschke (R)
DF Dominguez (R)
DF Wendt (R)


A very nice win for Wolfsburg last round, which means they are still in touch with the teams ahead. Have had some poor results lately, and even at home they have been struggling with only 1 win in their last 5-home matches.

Mgladbach are one of the form-teams of the league, and took another impressive win last round. Almost all their points come at home though, and away they only got 0-2-3 on their last 5 league-matches.

Wolfsburg got several important players out here, but also Mgladbach got their share of problems with 3 regular DFs missing. Think the home-advantage will make the difference here, and also expect goals.

Prediction: 3-1

My odds: -0,5 @ 1,92 / Over 3 @ 1,83
Market Price: -0,5 @ 2,05 / Over 3 @ 1,94

Wolfsburg -0,25 @ 1,75 (2,5 units)
Over 3 @ 1,94 (2,5 units)

Stuttgart – Hoffenheim:

Stuttgart are missing:
DF Baumgartl (R)
FW Ginczek (R)

Hoffenheim are missing:
MF Rudy (R)
MF Elyounoussi (S/R)

2 straight losses for Stuttgart now, and the 0-4 loss last round can’t have been good for their confidence. They have in general been very good lately though, and got 3-1-1 on their last 5 home-matches.

Hoffenheim are in 17th, and desperate for points. They have improved lately and won their last 2 home-matches but away they are without a win for 8 matches, so should be pretty decent chances for Stuttgart to get back on track here.

Prediction: 2-1 or 2-0
My odds: -0,5 @ 1,92 / Over 2,75 @ 2,05
Market Price: -0,5 @ 1,91 / Over 3,25 @ 1,98

Under 3,25 @ 1,92 (2,5 units)

Augsburg – Bayer Leverkusen:

Augsburg are missing:
DF Callsen-Bracker (R)
MF Feulner (S/R)
MF Trochowski (S/R

Leverkusen are missing:
DF Papadopoulos (R)
DF Toprak (R)
MF Bender (R)
MF Kampl (R)
FW Kiessling (R)
FW Chicharito (K)

Poor run from Augsburg lately, with just 1 win in their last 9 if we include EL. They have only 1 win in their last 9 home-matches as well, so they are really out of it.

Leverkusen are not much better with 3 straight defeats in the league, but they are a fairly good away-team and got 4-3-1 on their last 8.

Leverkusen got a bunch of injuries ahead of this match, which could affect them here, and that leaves a chance for Augsburg to get a rare win. Don’t trust either teams at the moment though, but don’t expect too many goals.

Prediction: 1-1

My odds: +0,25 @ 1,82 / Over 2,5 @ 2,01
Market Price: DNB @2,11 / Over 2,25 @ 1,84


Werder Bremen – Hannover:

Werder are missing:
MF Bargfrede (R)
FW Johansson (R)

Hannover are missing:
MF Andreasen (R)
MF Bech (S/R)
FW Almeida (R)
FW Bencshop (S)

Werder with a fantastic 4-1 win away vs Leverkusen last round , that should prove wonders for their confidence. They got 2-5-3 on their last 10, so they are not losing as often as they did before.

My tip on Hannover last round went horrible wrong, and they lost 0-4 in the end at home to Wolfsburg. Their 2-1 win at Stuttgart the round before was impressive, and they have been better way than home this season which is remarkable considering how strong Hannover were at home in past seasons.

Werder only got 1 win at home this season, so Hannover do have a decent chance here. Expect goalst at both ends as it is 2 very poor defences.

Prediction: 2-2

MY odds: -0,25 @ 1,95 / Over 3 @ 1,89
Market Price: -0,75 @1,97 / Over 2,75 @ 1,90

Hannover 1×2 @ 4,50 (1 unit)
Over 2,75 @ 1,90 (5 units)

Eintracht Frankfurt – Ingolstadt:

E Frankfurt are missing:
MF Reinartz (R)
MF Flum (S/R)
MF Aigner (R)
FW Meier (K)
FW Castaignos (R/I)

Ingolstadt are missing:
DF Levels (R)
MF Morales (R)

E Frankfurt with another loss last round, and they now have 3 matches in a row where they failed to score. Are missing 3 of their best offensive players here, including top-scorer Meier so that is a big blow.

Ingolstadt are doing quite well still, and are safely placed in a 9th place. 1-1 vs Köln last round, which was a fair result. Not been looking too good away though, with just 1 point in their last 5 and without a win on their last 9 away-matches in the league.

Should be a decent chance for E Frankfurt to get back on track in other words, but with all their injuries I’m leaning more towards a low-scoring draw.

Prediction: 1-1 or 1-0
My odds: -0,25 @ 2,01 / Over 2,5 @ 2,09
Market Price: DNB @ 1,84 / Over 2,25 @ 2,06

E Frankfurt DNB @1,84 (5 units)

Köln – Schalke:

Köln are missing:
FW Zoller (R)

Schalke are missing:
DF Höwededs (K)
DF Uchida (R)
DF Nastasic (R)
MF Goretzka (R)
MF Höger (S/R)


Köln with a decent result away vs Ingolstadt last round, and picks up points here and there on a regular basis. Seem destined for a mid-table finish this year as well. They won the away-match vs Schalke, in what was one of their more impressive matches so far this season.

Schalke with few problems when they beat HSV at home last round, which means they are still just 1 point clear of 4th and ACL. Not the best away-team though, and only got 1 win in their last 7 away-matches. Based on the first meeting as well I think Köln got a good chance at 3 new points then, but it’s a tricky match to predict.

Prediction: 2-1 or 1-1

My odds: -0,25 @ 1,99 / Over 2,5 @ 1,95
Market Price: DNB @ 1,81 / Over 2,25 @ 1,87

Köln DNB @ 1,81 (5 units)

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern München:

Dortmund are missing:
DF Sokratis (R)

Bayern are missing:
DF Boateng (R)
DF Badstuber (S/R)
MF Martinez (R)


4 straight wins now for Dortmund in the league, and they are looking strong as ever and have only conceded a single goal in their last 6 league-matches too.

Bayern with a rare loss vs Mainz at home last round, and will do their best for that not to happen again here. They have a very good record away vs Dortmund in recent years, and should still be considered a small favorite here.

For Dortmund it is a make-or-break game, and their season will pretty much be over with a loss. They can live with a draw, but considering a win will take them just 2 points clear of Bayern I think we’ll see a very offensive-minded home-side here. Expect goals.

Prediction: 2-1 or 2-2
My odds: DNB @ 2,07 / Over 3 @ 1,99
Market Price: Dortmund +0,25 @ 1,94 / Over 2,5 @ 1,86

Dortmund +0,25 @ 1,94 (2,5 units)
Over 2,5 @ 1,86 (5 units)

Mainz – Darmstadt:

Mainz are missing:
DF Bengtsson (R)
FW Muto (I)

Darmstadt are missing:
DF Garics (R)


Mainz continue their good form, and now got 5 wins in their last 6 matches. Are all the way up in 5th place, and seems a real contender for an ACL-finish at the moment. Their home-form is also great, with 5-1-0 on their last 6.

Darmstadt on the other hand are really out of it, and suffered another loss last round at home vs Dortmund. Just 2 points clear of relegation-playoff now, and my guess is they will go down this season. They are actually the 3rd best away-team in the league, but I still don’t rate their chances too high here.

Prediction: 2-1 or 3-1
My odds: -0,5 @ 1,82 / Over 2,75 @ 1,98
Market Price: -0,75 @ 2,04 / Over 2,25 @ 1,93

Darmstadt 1×2 @ 4,70 (1 unit)
Over 2,25 @ 1,93 (5 units)

HSV – Hertha Berlin:

HSV are missing:
MF Hunt (R)
MF Ekdal (R)
FW Gregoritsch (R)

Hertha are missing:
DF Van der Bergh (R)
DF Langkamp (R)
FW Allagui (S/R)


HSV lost 2-3 vs Schalke last round, but were unbeaten for 4 matches prior to that. Look set to finish around mid-table this year, which in any case is a step up compared to previous seasons.

Hertha are still flying high, and are in a very solid 3rd place. Another clean-sheet in the 2-0 win vs E Frankfurt last round, but have struggled a bit more away. Still, they won 2 of their last 3 away-matches, and are usually good vs poor/mediocre teams.

Prediction: 0-1
My odds: +0,25 @ 1,82 / Over 2,5 @ 2,07
Market Price: DNB @2,07 / Over 2 @ 1,83

Over 2 @ 1,83 (2,5 units)


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